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AURA Preview: Karate Choppin’ the Funk with KUNG FU

We recently caught up with Kung Fu guitarist Tim Palmieri and chatted about their upcoming performance at AURA Music & Arts Festival. The funk/jazz fusion quintet is playing a Stevie Wonder tribute set Saturday afternoon, along with an original set on Friday Evening!

DubEra.com: You guys have played in the Suwannee before. What makes this place different than other festival venues?

Tim Palmieri: All venues have their charm. For Suwannee, being set in the woods is very cool. It’s a natural amphitheater with beautiful trees all around for the lights to play off of. There’s a really comfortable vibe and the sound quality from the AURA team is top notch.

DubEra: What are you looking forward to about Aura 2013?

Tim: Rocking our potent fusion recipe known as Kung Fu and paying homage to one of my heroes – Stevie Wonder.

DubEra: How did the Stevie Wonder tribute set come about? What can fans expect from it?

Tim: I think the festival mentioned it, and we said yes. Pretty simple actually. If they suggested The Cure I would have said no.

DubEra: What is new for the band? Is any new music on the horizon?

Tim: Currently we are finishing up our second album. We had some delays due to a member change but it is sounding great! We expect it released before the festival season.

DubEra: What 3 albums are currently in rotation?

Tim: In my car, iPod, or iTunes? Oh jeez. Right now Sgt. Pepper’s, Hot Tuna Burgers, and Stevie Wonder.

DubEra: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Tim: 1 and 1 don’t make two, 1 and 1 make one.




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