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AURA Preview: Karate Choppin’ the Funk with KUNG FU

Kung Fu 1

We recently caught up with Kung Fu guitarist Tim Palmieri and chatted about their upcoming performance at AURA Music & Arts Festival. The funk/jazz fusion quintet is playing a Stevie Wonder tribute set Saturday afternoon, along with an original set on Friday Evening! You guys have played in the Suwannee before. What makes this place different than other festival venues?

Tim Palmieri: All venues have their charm. For Suwannee, being set in the woods is very cool. It’s a natural amphitheater with beautiful trees all around for the lights to play off of. There’s a really comfortable vibe and the sound quality from the AURA team is top notch.

DubEra: What are you looking forward to about Aura 2013?

Tim: Rocking our potent fusion recipe known as Kung Fu and paying homage to one of my heroes – Stevie Wonder.

DubEra: How did the Stevie Wonder tribute set come about? What can fans expect from it?

Tim: I think the festival mentioned it, and we said yes. Pretty simple actually. If they suggested The Cure I would have said no.

DubEra: What is new for the band? Is any new music on the horizon?

Tim: Currently we are finishing up our second album. We had some delays due to a member change but it is sounding great! We expect it released before the festival season.

DubEra: What 3 albums are currently in rotation?

Tim: In my car, iPod, or iTunes? Oh jeez. Right now Sgt. Pepper’s, Hot Tuna Burgers, and Stevie Wonder.

DubEra: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Tim: 1 and 1 don’t make two, 1 and 1 make one.


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