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Bassnectar – Freestyle EP (Streaming)

Bassnectar dropped the full Freestyle EP for our streaming pleasures. You can buy the electrifying EP for only $5.99 and support all of those good hair care products Lorin needs for that mane of his. The EP features tunes that were on the Freestyle Mixtape and songs he has been playing out live.

Yesterday we broke the news that he would be joining Pretty Lights for another BassLights extravaganza on December 28-29 in Hampton, VA. Additionally, the bass monster will be throwing a first-time 360 show on New Years Eve in Nashville. Bassnectar will perform in the center of the crowd, there will be 360 sound and 11,000 bassheads. Sounds like a party to me.

But without further ado, here is the Freestyle EP


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