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Brooklyn’s Afropunk is Incredibly Different…

…and not in a bad way. It’s a one-of-a-kind festival, and here’s why.

Free Entry One of the best things about AFROPUNK is that it is completely free! However, donations are strongly encouraged and can lead to you skipping the line so you can enjoy more of your day at the festival. Plus, with a lineup like this in the epicenter of Brooklyn’s culturally rich neighborhoods, you’d be selfish not to give a little something. Either way, the fact that you can go without paying a dime is awesome, and for those less fortunate, it is an awesome way for them to experience world-class music that is not always cheap.

Culture Culture is the center of AFROPUNK festival. Every music festival wants to celebrate freedom of expression, but AFROPUNK is unified in a cultural way due to proximity to neighborhoods like Fort Greene, Bedstuy and Crown Heights. The festival started off with a 2003 documentary that highlighted the influence of Afro-Americans within the punk rock community, and has since developed in to a platform for experimental and alternative stylings within music, fashion, comedy, film, art and more.

Diversity Within African American Music AFROPUNK is far from a punk music festival. Although many acts could fit under that umbrella, AFROPUNK is definitely a very diverse lineup. The New York Times calls it “the most multicultural festival in the US,” and for good reason. From 8th-grade metal-players like Unlocking The Truth to the legendary Bad Brains, you certainly have your share of heavy music at AFROPUNK. But you also have incredible acts like D’Angelo, SZA and Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings uniting for a colorful tapestry of musicians.

Thrift Market Nubian Heritage partners up with AFROPUNK to bring you an epic thrift market. In Brooklyn, thrifting isn’t just a means to getting a cheap suit, but a way of life. Our city has found an incredible way of taking the old, revamping it, and making it new with some fresh style. Definitely scope out the dozens of thrift vendors who will have that special item you’ve been waiting for.

Activism AFROPUNK stands for freedom of expression, but before we get there we have to have freedom (period). With police violence against blacks popping up in the news each week, AFROPUNK doesn’t shy away from sharing the news, and they do a phenomenal job of integrating it in to the festival’s mission.


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