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Camp Bisco Recap: Day 2 Featuring The Disco Biscuits, Paper Diamond, and Bassnectar

Starting off the afternoon, Wolfgang Gartner stepped up behind the decks, pounding out hard electro and progressive house sending the crowd into a limb-flailing frenzy.

Cutting out early, I left Wolfgang to get a prime spot for Paper Diamond. The thing about Alex Botwin that makes him one of my favorites is that he gets up on stage and gives it. He’s here to play all his own beats and have a great time doing it. I love being able to watch producers who actually enjoy playing their music as much as I love dancing to it.

I always forget the power Bassnectar has over his audience. Whether raging out at the front or stepped back to grasp the bigger picture, Bassnectar’s bass heavy, dance-inducing beats brought campers from every corner of Bisco together. They also honored the seven-time Bisco veteran by not having any competing music during his set to bring everyone together for one massive party. Rainbows of colored lights skimmed a sea of rage sticks swaying to the rhythm of the music. Giant inflatable animals, a huge Buzz Lightyear and even a cutout of Bob Saget’s head all got down. Ending with his remix of “Killing In The Name Of,” Bassnectar’s set was fucking magical.

And how does someone even begin to describe the Disco Biscuits. Having never seen a set of theirs before I have no words to compare the journey that they took me on with their music. They take my favorite part of a jam-band and combine it with the best components of electronic music to create a perfect union of the two.

I thought Designer Drugs was one of the more underrated sets of the night. While most of the crowd was busy running the trap with Baauer I left early and got a good dose of quality electro with Designer Drugs in the Label Tent.  I secretly like being able to break it down to my favorite DJs in the smaller tents with a smaller crowd. Sometimes you just need some space to get weird and dance.

Continuing the late night festivities, Destroid (aka Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawka) came together to make a live dubstep band a reality.  I’ve often heard of dubstep described as angry robot sex music, and those are the only words I can think of to describe Destroid (but in the best way possible). I don’t know what to say other than it happened. And it was amazing. You need to experience it.

With one more day to go and sets from Zeds Dead, Danny Brown, Crizzly, Gramatik and of course the Disco Biscuits, (the list is endless), I’ll be dancing until I can’t hold myself upright.


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