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Camp Bisco Recap: Day 3 with Zeds Dead, Crizzly, Dirtyphonics, Madeon and more!

Saturday afternoon saw a few technical difficulties before any acts could take up the Main Stage. Due to all the rain prior to the festival, it was slowly sinking deeper into the mud. Thankfully, crews managed to salvage the situation and the fun kicked off on the Main Stage around 4 pm.

The first set of my day was Zeds Dead and I can honestly say no matter how many times I see them, these guys never disappoint. They played an eclectic set; starting off with some pretty grimey dubstep and then transitioning into some lighter, more mellow stuff (and I swear I even heard a little trap, think like that “Lies” remix).

After Zeds Dead I wandered around a bit, catching a little bit of Thievery Corporation Live and Passion Pit (both of which were good) but the highlight of my evening was going to be at the BIG tent (and I knew it), so eventually I rooted myself down in the BIG Tent for my last night of dancing.

Hands down, my favorite set of the night was Crizzly. Good god, that boy goes hard in the paint. Even his hype man seemed to be giving it more than usual. Crizzly’s crunkstep is unique all on it’s own. The energy emanating from his music brings the crowd together in a way not often associated with hyphy dubstep. People and rage sticks alike pulsed through his set like a giant organism convulsing to the sound of his beats.

Keeping the momentum of Crizzly’s set going, Gramatik had the crowd hit that jive and get downright groovy. The first half of his set definitely had a lot more funk undertones, but by the end of it he got into some pretty intense stuff.

From there, the four-man dnb machine that is Dirtyphonics hit the stage, each of them armed with their own beatpad. It really is something else to see four DJs perform live together. They embrace their sets with the energy of punk rockers. Their dynamic together is crazy; one guy actually came up to the crowd at the front and stamped their arms and bodies, all of them took turns hyping up the crowd on the mic, and one even crowd surfed, all while dishing out filthy beats. They killed it.

Bringing the festival to a close, Madeon was the last scheduled set. I always forget he’s 19 (he looks way younger), but that doesn’t measure the amount of talent he has. Holy crap, he had the crowd entranced in a giant dance orgy, gyrating to his beats til almost 4 in the morning. My favorite moment though, was when he sampled “Mr. Brightside.” United as one giant family, everyone belted out the words to the chorus, waking anyone (who would have been crazy enough to be asleep already) within a 10 mile radius. While already suffering from the post-Bisco-blues, I have so much great music and memories to think about and prepare for next year’s journey to Camp Bisco.

My favorite set all weekend was Bassnectar. I’ve always been a fan, but I never fully understood the rapture that has snared so many until now. A girl on my shuttle home put it best; “Bassnectar is a God, and we are all his minions.”

Honorable mention goes to Dirtyphonics, and Crizzly, and Madeon, oh and Dillon Francis. And crap, how can you forget Destroid? Really, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be at this festival next year. From the people, to the music, the venue itself, Camp Bisco is one of a kind. The feeling of unity and family there is comparable to almost no other festival I’ve experienced.


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