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Concert Preview: Pearl Jam Live in Brooklyn

The band that continues to work harder than anybody else, Pearl Jam, starts its two-night takeover of The Barclays Center in Brooklyn tonight. Touring in support of their most recent album Lightning Bolt, a riff-filled rock n roll assault, more melancholy and heavier than the band’s previous effort Backspacer. The cheesy vocals and radio friendly songs are replaced with heavy compositions made by a band effortlessly proving that though they all might be nearing 50 years old, they still shred better than most musicians half their age.

Pearl Jam chose the songs from two recording sessions with longtime producer Brendan O’Brian, and the combined songwriting efforts of the quintet produce a 12 track, 47 minute album that feels tight, and progressive while still retaining Pearl Jam’s classic grit.

The epic and moving “Infallible” takes the listener on a deep guitar-lead journey while experimenting with noises made by compressed electronic drum machines. And Pearl Jam shows their refusal to slow down the tempos with songs like the lead single “Mind Your Manners” and “___.”

Expect Eddie and gang to reach deep into the catalogue for some rarities, and Eddie to drink a lot of wine. The Nets are out of town but


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