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We are big fans of Break Science here at DubEra. Break Science is a Brooklyn based duo consisting of two extremely talented musicians, Adam Deitch on drums and Brohem Lee on keys and DJ. The electronic/hip hop vibes they bring to the table are extremely pleasurable to the ear and stuffed full of hip hop influenced synths and snares. Check out our exclusive interview with them as well as a video recap of their Snowball Music Festival set with Chali 2na! Q: Thanks for taking the time to do the interview with us. Here at DubEra we are big Break Science fans. Some of our followers may not be so familiar with you however. How would you classify Break Science and how did you get started?

We were both working with many different artists at the time we met and a mutual friend, Stu Brooks, introduced us. We started playing in a band together with several other musicians, and eventually it got stripped down to the essential elements and there were just the two of us remaining. For those who don’t know Break Science, it is an instrumental electronic duo filtering many styles of urban music through a musicians lens.

Q: Your music has a heavy hip hop influence, and being from Brooklyn I would imagine you are hip hop heads as well. Are there any major hip hop influences that impact you when creating new Break Science tracks?

Most definitely. We both have worked with artists such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, The Fugees, Wu-Tang, etc.. who have influenced us. We draw influence from the roots of hip-hop as well as current hip hop artists we like.

Q: Speaking of new tracks, your album “Monolith Code” dropped recently and is available for free download. What was the inspiration behind the name for that and what’s feedback been like on the album?

The feedback has been amazing and extremely motivational. In terms of the title:

Monolith Code represents a transition into a higher level of consciousness. Something that initiates us to consider wider possibilities and ideas. We hope that through our music we are able to channel our music into the subconscious and unlock doorways to a new world.

Q: Victory seems to be a pretty popular song from the new album. Who is the MC on that track?

That is our close associate CX a legendary underground rapper from NYC.

Q: You have done collabs with artists like Talib and Chali 2na in the past. Do you plan to do more in the future?

No doubt about it.

Q: If you could choose any artist, who would you want on a Break Science track?

We are planning to do a track featuring Redman and PHAROAHE MONCH.

Q: You guys have been jamming the new tunes on your current PLM tour with Gramatik and Paul Basic. How is the tour going? Is there any moments that stick out on the tour thus far?

The tour was unbelievable, We sold out almost every major city and we were inspired on a daily basis playing shows with our labelmates. The 2 best shows were probably Chicago House of Blues and NYC Irving Plaza.

Q: You guys finished out the tour in April and then have a small break before you step into our neck of the woods for Purple Hatters Ball. Are you all excited to be back in the Suwannee forest once again?

Suwannee always goes off, and we are amped!

Q: You are performing at Purple Hatters Ball with the amazing Chali 2na once again. How do you guys like performing with him and how did that relationship come about?

Chali is like our older brother, and we look up to him. As always, it will be an honor and a blast to perform with one of the all time greats of hip hop.

Q: On another note. I have to ask about the PLM after party in Miami after Ultra. That was one of the coolest things I’ve witnessed in a long time! What was it like collaborating live with everyone at once?

An epic throwdown that will probably be a once in a life time event. These guys all push us to work harder.

Q: Could that have possibly been a glimpse at the future of the PLM label? Giant collaboration shows?

We will see…

Q: Whatever is next for the label, we are excited to see it unfold. What’s next on the agenda for Break Science? I know you have a good handful of festivals on the agenda for the summer.

We are booked on quite a few fests for the summer and we are planning a fall tour in conjunction with an album release.

Q: Last question; Top 3 Hip Hop artists for each of you. Go! Since you said artists, we’ve also included producers as well as emcees:

Tribe Called Quest EPMD J Dilla DJ Premier Rakim KRS-1

Q: Thanks again for taking the time to do this. Anything else you guys would like to ad?

Thanks to all our fans for their continued support and we plan to release a full length record before the year’s end!


Bonus content:

Check out the DubEra recap of Break Science and Chali 2na at Snowball Music Festival in Colorado! [vimeo w=500&h=283]


For more information check out or the Break Science facebook. For more exclusive interviews check out the DubEra articles page.

*All pictures are from the Break Science set at Snowball Music Fest.


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