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FESTIVAL PREVIEW: 3rd Annual Pass The Good | August 1-3

pass the good

Pensacola local, Stewart Beck, is living the event promoter’s dream. Four years ago he started an event promotion company called Smoking Mad Trees, which booked local artists at venues in the small town of Pensacola, Florida. After a couple years of hard work and networking, Stewart’s company hosted the 1st Annual Pass The Good Festival with artists like RUN DMT and Geri X. Fast forward to 2014, and the 3rd Annual Pass The Good is now booking major acts from across the country and boasts an impressive lineup of artists such as Antennae, Zoogma, VibeSquad, Skytree and Wick-It the Instigator.

What we love most is that PTG still stays true to its hometown roots by booking local acts like Monozygotik, White Noise, and Post Pluto, giving them the opportunity to share the stage with touring artists. As someone who was raised in Pensacola and who has witnessed the music scene develop over the years, I know how hard is it to catch a break there. Stewart has done the virtually impossible – he has created a successful, longstanding music festival in a town that’s been slow to catch on in the music industry and is struggling to compete with larger music hubs such as Mobile and Atlanta.

We had the opportunity to catch last year’s 3-day festival on the beach, which featured painted dancers, fire performers, multiple stages, live painters, and a killer lineup of artists from all over the Southeast. From dancing on bars to hanging upside down in an aerial yoga swing, it’s safe to say we enjoyed ourselves.


This year’s Pass The Good will be held at the Hadji Shrine Temple, which everyone in Pensacola knows is one of the dopest spots in town. The shrine sits on 32 acres of lush landscaped property, making it a perfect spot to host PTG’s numerous workshops, vendors and campgrounds.

With artists flying in from California to Queens, we love that Pass The Good is bringing together artists from all over the country to help elevate Pensacola’s music scene and get people hyped on coming together to enjoy live music. Be sure to scoop your tickets here before prices increase!


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