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Woo wee, what a crazy last day of Firefly! The festival goers hit the festival grounds with bandanas around their faces and an overwhelming amount of sunburns. But we were all ready to party.

The day got its jolt when Weezer hit the Firefly Main Stage with their signature ‘W’ and we all sand along to their classics like Island in The Sun, Beverly Hills, and my personal favorite, Say It Ain’t So.


No Time to waste though, had to chill out with Ziggy Marley at the Backyard stage and Jake Bugg’s acoustic set at the Coffee House! I honestly loved vibing to both of them; the perfect chill time with Ziggy and a nice glass of iced coffee with Jake right before the sun went down.


The Lumineers gave the people at the Main Stage another sing along, with their Ho Hey and Classy Girls and also gave us covers of Bob Dylan’s Homesick Subterranean Blues and the Talking Heads This Must be the Place. So awesome. After their set, Firefly was smart/nice enough to also show the USA vs. Portugal World Cup soccer game on the Main Stage screens. Music and sports? God bless ‘Murica.

One of my favorite, and most anticipated sets of the day was Phantogram. I’ve been a huge fan of them for a while and couldn’t wait to see them live. Their newest EP came out a couple of months ago and I was so ready to get down to their new songs Black Out Days and Celebrating Nothing. They absolutely killed it. Sarah Barthel’s voice is a combination of a sing song, soft lullabies and gut wrenching vocal chords. They absolutely killed it.


Next up was another heavy hitter I was dying to see of the day, Childish Gambino. Good lord, he is awesome. His stage presence alone was wonderful but the cool graphic on screen of a modern art/parisian palace and pyrotechnics really sealed the deal. He played every song the “Gambino Girls” and everyone else could get down to, like Sweatpants, Heartbeat, 3005 and the ever so fitting, Fire Fly. I raced back to the main stage after Gambino to catch the last of Jack Johnson; got their just in time to see hims ing Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, his encore of love songs he wrote for his wife and the epic firework display from Firefly.


(Childish Gambino – Image via Kyle Grantham/The News Journal)

But no, the night was not over yet, Big Gigantic ended the night on the Backyard stage and a whirlwind of glow sticks and dancing commenced for a strong finish to an amazing weekend. Even Cherub was their to grace the stage with the power duo to absolutely KILL IT. The night ended with Dominic Lalli saying, “Firefly, seriously, we love you.”


(Big Gigantic – Image via Firefly Music Festival)

Firefly has ALREADY been confirmed for next year in the Woodlands and presale tickets go on sale THIS Friday. My clairvoyance and beyond awesome weekend at Firefly makes me a firm believer that Firefly 2015 is a must.


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