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Gathering of the Vibes Spotlight: Rodrigo y Gabriela


Rodrigo y Gabriela are definitely one of the most unique acts on the Gathering of the Vibes’ lineup this year. The closest thing you’ll get to the guitar duo are their bluegrass cohorts, but even still it’s comparing apples and oranges.

Rodrigo y Gabriela fuse traditional flamenco guitar with a modern sensability to push the envelope. Believe me, this is a far cry from the mariachi duo you’ve seen at your local Mexican eatery…this is the real deal.

What other flamenco musicians list Slayer and Megadeth as influences? None. Because none shred like this:

Or this…

With their newest album 9 Dead Alive, the duo brings their sound to a crowd that will embrace their avant-garde, instrumental flamenco this weekend. Be sure to catch ’em at 3:45 on the main stage.


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