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HANGOUT FESTIVAL 2014: Crucial Covers

Covering songs is always a hit or miss task. You can’t really do an OK version of a classic song. Either your band nails it or really messes it up. Here is a list of the covers we heard during Hangout that really nailed it! (photos: Hangout Facebook)

AMOS LEE: Not only did Amos Lee properly deliver one cover, he delivered three amazing ones from all totally different genres. Amos and his band played a folk style cover of “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen straight into “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Nobody was expecting that and the crowd’s instant reaction was an obvious approval. After bringing out an Alabama gospel choir Amos then continued to do a cover of “Ooh Child” by The Five Stairsteps. I went to the Amos Lee set having never even listened to him but I will not miss the chance to see him again after that performance.

Portugal. The Man: Although I’ve heard multiple bands cover this song it’s nice to hear it done well. During their sunset time slot on the beach Portugal covered “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd. Even though I’ve seen many bands cover it I haven’t ever seen it on the beach so it made it special.

Jack Johnson: I always forget how cool Jack Johnson is. He started making music for his own surf videos and ended up blowing up so I know he’s got to be such a chill guy. He took me by surprise during his set with a cover of “Not Fade Away” by The Grateful Dead. Definitely didn’t expect a Dead cover from Mr. Johnson. He did it justice and earned even more respect from me.

The Killers: The Killers performed by far the most shocking and impressive cover of the weekend for me. It was my first time seeing them so I was already impressed by their energetic stage presence and crisp sound. A large moon hung over the crowd on a clear beach night when Brandon Flowers walked to the front of the stage and asked the crowd randomly, “Who likes CCR?”. I would assume everyone else in the massive crowd was yelling and getting as excited as myself and the people around me because Brandon laughed a little with pleasure from the response and then said they were going to cover “Bad Moon Rising”. They could not have picked a more perfect song. I was missing the old school headliner that Hangout usually brings (like Paul Simon or Tom Petty) so to give us a classic song under a bright moon was spectacular. They nailed it to say the least! I will be seeing The Killers again any time I get the opportunity.

Moon Taxi did a full Rage Against the Machine cover set as well. Check out our full article about that HERE.


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