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How Effective Is Electric Zoo’s Anti-Drug PSA?

Unfortunately, just about every month I see a story about someone dying as a result of taking molly. It is important to note that these cases are usually labelled as “overdoses,” which would indicate that the individual is taking an absurd amount of MDMA. This isn’t usually the case, as the deaths usually result from complications after taking a normal amount.

The latest incident to make headlines was the two people who died at the Maryland installment of the Mad Decent Block Party. EDC Vegas made headlines, which they do just about every year. Before that, Electric Zoo cancelled the third day of their festival after two patrons died from molly.

Last night, Electric Zoo made headlines again when their anti-drug PSA leaked. The video depicts a dude taking a bunch of molly, his pretty lady friend attempting to help him, and then what we can only interpret as some sort of induced heart-attack death. Apparently, patrons will have to watch this video before activating their wrist bands.

The video feels like some sort of high-school anti-drug propaganda, akin to teaching abstinence in school instead of protection. Electric Zoo patrons will take ecstasy, and the organizers and patrons both know that. By throwing a festival of this type and then creating an anti-drug PSA, you’re skipping the entire conversation that needs to be had about sensible, responsible drug use.

The festival has since launched their Come To Life website and campaign, urging patrons to pay careful attention to those who may have taken them along with listing symptoms of someone who may need medical help.

The PSA feels weird, but I think Electric Zoo did a decent job with the website. There are some cringe-worthy lines on there, like the opening “Come To Life is about rolling life, not face,” but there’s also some solid information, like the location of medical tents, implementation of “Zoo Keepers,” and other tips if you are going to engage in drug use. It isn’t perfect, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

What do you think of the PSA and the anti-drug campaign that Electric Zoo is running? Did they miss an important point? Let us know in the comments!


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