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Kaskade Pool Party In Miami

I’m sitting on my buddy’s couch in North Miami Beach when I get a text from a friend saying, “Hey I’m pretty sure Kaskade is playing at The Clevelander in South Beach tomorrow.” So I did some research at the most up to date source on the internet; Twitter. Kaskade sure enough was playing a pool party and spinning from 4-5 pm. Not to mention I was in Miami because I was going to see Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake at the Dolphins stadium so Kaskade was quite the bonus. I woke up the next morning, got my head straight, and headed down into the hectic playground known as South Beach.


My buddy works at The Clevelander so I’ve been in there before but never seen it pop off like this. It was a packed pool party sponsored by the local radio station. The pool party was called “Mack-a-poolooza.” There was definitely a lot of “macking” going on. In typical MIA fashion the party was packed with full VIP tables, lots of buff guys, fly girls, and a DJ throwing down. Luckily this time it was Kaskade and not some random joe.


Kaskade opened up his set with a remix of the Lana Del Rey song from The Great Gatsby soundtrack, “Young and Beautiful,” which really got the crowd locked in quickly and singing along. Kaskade knows how to mix well and puts in work while on stage. His set was equipped with new songs, crowd favorites, and fun remixes such as the Empire of the Sun “Alive” remix. I had to leave a little early to catch Jay-Z and JT but what a way to start the day. The party definitely wasn’t even close to done by the time I left. People there were ready to party all night!

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