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Minnesota – Astral Projection (Free Download / Review)

I knew when I first heard Minnesota’s smooth and slinky dubstep sounds that he was different. I’ve always been a fan of different music. The mainstream is so fun to swim against, don’t you think? Additionally I’ve always been a fan of really melodic music. Minnesota appeals to all of these pre-existing tastes and as a result delivers some of my favorite music that comes out. Here is a deeper look in to my thoughts of his new 3-track EP. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

“Relax”: Minnesota’s brand of dubstep isn’t about “the drop”. Despite what youtube videos may indicate, dubstep can be about more than just “brutal” drops. “Relax” doesn’t hit you with any jaw-dropping bass until passed the two minute mark, but it’s for good reason. The song’s introduction takes you through a meditational warp-hole and sets the mood for the short (but sweet) EPs galactic tint. The  vocal samples act as a yoga instructor and his echoes add to the tune’s spacey feel. It’s smooth, but it isn’t going to put you asleep in a live setting… not by a long shot. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

“Stardust”: The catchy “bleeps” and “bloops” of “Stardust” are as catchy as Diplo & Afrojack’s (Chris Brown?) “Look At Me Now” beat. Our instructor makes another appearance. This time in the form of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. it doesn’t take this song quite as long to get to its most energetic point. The massive chords hit like a progressive house track, but this is deeper than neon RAGE hats and tutus. The slower, hip hop feel to Minnesota’s music is the perfect vibe for a hip-hop / dubstep head. It’s so smooth that mainstream America probably couldn’t label it dubstep, or label it at all for that matter. Everyone uses labels for music – they are great reference points – but do they really matter? My favorite part about music is that they evoke the emotions that can’t really be described by words. It truly is the language of an entire planet, and maybe deeper. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

I know from my own out-of-body experiences that there’s countless realities, subtle realities that exist inwardly, and that as we have an out-of-body experience, we’re actually moving inward into the universe, and we’re experiencing these other realities that exist. William Buhlman

“Astral Projection”: These deep samples really set the mood on the Astral Projection EP. It is clear that Minnesota is looking to create a thick, multi-dimensional atmosphere with these tracks. I’m sure they will translate to the live show and while there won’t be any mosh pits, it does not mean that the crowd is going to leave unstirred. The crowd churning will take place in the minds and hearts of his much-smaller, but much more competent fan base. It won’t be about the most face-melting drop, but instead the most interesting sample or catchiest loop.

You can download Minnesota’s Astral Projection EP absolutely FREE of charge by visiting his Bandcamp account. We look forward to seeing him at the Impulse Music & Arts Festival, Electric Forest and Camp Bisco this summer!


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