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NEW MUSIC: Adult Baby – Overdue EP [Cinematic, Downtempo, Trip-Hop]

adult baby

My inbox mostly gets shit music sent to it. PR is constantly asking me to post some terrible music, and when I ignore the e-mail they hit me back again asking if I got the e-mail, if I listened to the music and what I thought of it. It’s awkward and annoying.

But occasionally, you get some gems in there. Adult Baby’s Overdue is one of those gems.

A personal e-mail from the owner of Blueshift Records led me to the link of this “cinematic trip-hop” artist Adult Baby. It didn’t take long for the Bonobo-esque sounds to resonate with me, prompting me to make some additions to my downtempo playlist.

Stream the Overdue EP below and chill out. This is beautiful music that is perfect for a Monday afternoon.


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