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NEW MUSIC: D.V.S* – Hit The Clouds Running [Chill, Indie Pop, Dubstep]


The only thing that may be dreamier than that album cover up there is D.V.S*’s typography new LP Hit the Clouds Running. It’s the perfect name for the LP, which contains equal parts disco, hip-hop, dub, funk, trap, etc. It’s that PL music without the PL label, which D.V.S* used to release his music on.

The LP consists of 10 songs which flow like dream. There are times where it sounds like Phaeleh and others where it sounds like Bonobo, but I’m really only drawing those comparisons out of habit, because this work of art truly does stand on its own.

The first track on the album features Cherub and Govinda, for an violin-laden indie-pop jam.

The final track on the album sounds Explosions in the Sky took a ukelele and strummed it over some deep, but subtle, bass womps that scream 3am smoke-sesh.

The tracks in between are everything in between. This is a must download.


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