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NEW MUSIC: SuperVision – Telekinetic [Electro, Hip-Hop, Free Download]


Pretty Lights Music artist, SuperVision, just released his highly anticipated EP, Telekinetic today. With 16 years of turntablism under his belt, Richard Blake Henson has spent a lifetime digging record crates, finding just the right samples to compliment his hard hitting electronic and hip-hop beats.

Here’s what Blake has to say about it:

“My intention with my music, is to make futuristic electronic hip hop beats. The process I use comes from the school of thought from early hip hop, more specifically the late 80’s early 90’s – digging up old records and chopping them up to make something entirely new. That period influenced my beat making more than any. I then give my tracks that powerful electronic build out because it’s fun, great for the dance floor, and I love doing it. The coolest thing for me, is that I am with a crew who shares very similar views and is arguable the best at this style. I’m beyond thrilled to take part in the PLM movement.”

At first listen, you definitely get that PLM vibe. He has a vision, and I’d say this EP is SUPER! From the funky horn samples in “Play it Funky” to the Jay Fresh feature on “Close to Me,” he keeps his electro hip-hop game on lock! Real recognize real, and SuperVision’s music is hot and bouncy, certainly lookin’ familiar to a true player like myself.

You can download it for free, right HERE. 

BONUS: About a month ago, SuperVision dropped a dope Electro Soul remix of Mother Prism by Ishi, which you can listen to and snag below! [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Like what you hear? Be sure to stay updated by “liking” SuperVision’s Facebook page! He is sure to be releasing more remixes this summer, and you’ll definitely want to grab them!


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