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NEW MUSIC: Vibe Street – She Makes Me Feel EP [Electro-Funk, Beats]

Vibe Street_She Makes Me Feel_Final Art

Colorado producer Vibe Street just released his new EP “She Makes Me Feel.”

Vibe Street is helping pave the way for a new sound that’s flourishing through Denver’s producer scene: a smooth electro/hip-hop sound that keeps your head bumping. Using soulful lyric samples and funk guitar lines, Ben Davis is bringing his own style into the scene that would please the ears of any listener.

Davis manages to create a new sound inside of a familiar genre. Though he would fall under the category of artists such as Pretty Lights or Griz, there is something different; there seems to be a connection to the roots of folk and bluegrass underlying his music, which is what gets me hooked.

Living out in Colorado I hear a lot of strings in my music, and thats what a lot of people out here want to hear. Vibe Street has linked the worlds of electro and grass in a way that I haven’t heard before.

For upcoming shows and more info on Vibe Street check out his website


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