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Rusko Dance Contest

You think you got the best dubstep dance? Prove it to Rusko. You can win free tickets to his upcoming tour!

Here is the contest description:

SUBMIT YOUR “SKANKER” DANCE VIDEO We’ve all seen that “move” before, but what exactly is it? You’re at a dubstep show and you take a look around to see one guy flailing his arms recklessly through the air, another person headbanging so hard they could break a 2×4, and then of course…the open armed wing flap. RUSKO is giving everyone the chance to embrace their inner-“Skanker” and let their own interpretation of that feeling when you hear dubstep be shown to the world in his new “Official Dubstep SKANKER” music video. At the end of the tour, the footage collected will be made into the official music video for “Skanker.” So, cruise to the tour or create your own video and show us….What’s YOUR Skanker dance?? [youtube=]


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