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SHOW REVIEW: Built To Spill @ Bowery Ballroom [NYC]


Built to Spill exists in a unique place. Literally, the band is from Boise, Idaho, so there is that, but they also stand somewhere in between the indie rock and the jam world, a place that only a handful of acts really thrive in. The music is more Modest Mouse than Phish, but the aesthetic – their look, shuffling setlists, extended solos – is all very much something that appeals to jam culture.

It’s also something that allows the band to play four shows in a row in the city, and since they don’t repeat setlists, I had to go and catch a show to see what kind of magic they’d lay down amidst a three-night stint at Bowery Ballroom with a finale at the Brooklyn Bowl last night.

The gig started with “You Were Right,” a sing-along from their 1999 album Keep It Like A Secret that borrows lyrics from The Beatles and The Doors, among others. Other highlights included the reggae-tinged “They Got Away” and the massive “Carry the Zero” to cap off the regular set, but honestly the band held us in their palm for the duration of their ~2 hour performance. Proving that they’re indie rocks most interesting multi-night ticket, Built To Spill rocked the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday night, and presumably all other nights as well.


You Were Right Virginia Reel Around the Fountain (The Halo Benders cover) In the Morning Stab Living Zoo Kicked It in the Sun Else They Got Away Pat Carry the Zero

Encore: Randy Described Eternity Car 


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