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SHOW REVIEW: Domino Labelmates Alex G, Porches, and Your Friend Rock Music Hall of Williamsburg


A handful of Domino artists touched down in New York City last night for the first of two shows. Porches, Alex G, and Your Friend each brought their unique style to Music Hall of Williamsburg for a sold out show on Wednesday night, with a tour-ending gig at Bowery Ballroom taking place tomorrow evening.

Your Friend was first up, kicking off the show with her beautiful melodies. She set the stage nicely for the early patrons as she laid down the sounds we’ve heard on this years Gumption and 2014’s Jekyll/Hyde.

Alex G came up next, sounding absolutely fantastic on Music Hall’s sound-system. The four-piece band brought serious energy as they blazed through cuts from 2015’s Beach Music as well as tracks from Trick and DSU. “Mary” garnered a particularly exuberent reaction from the crowd, as they sped it up and rocked it out a little harder than we heard on the album version. Other cuts, like “Salt” and the beautiful instrumental “Walk” were slowed down and elaborated upon.

You know when people say rock ‘n’ roll is dead? Obviously it’s not, but it’s easier to feel that way when you’re fresh off an Alex G gig. Each member played with ferocity, even opening up a little mosh pit amongst some of the young’ns in the crowd. Comparisons could be drawn to legends like Neil Young or Nirvana, but it also feels at home in the contemporary indie-pop-rock landscape alongside Mac Demarco or Real Estate. At any rate, it kicked a whole lot of ass.

Porches ended the show with the sounds of his latest album Pool. The crowd was familiar with a fair amount of the material, with tracks like “Underwater,” “Mood,” and “Hour” garnering exceptional responses from the Williamsburg crowd. The bass was thick as native New Yorker Aaron Maine’s voice filled the room. With just a couple older tunes thrown in the mix, the show mostly focused on the newer, vibey material from this year’s LP (which is great if you haven’t heard yet).

For more information on Alex G, Porches, and Your Friend, check out Domino.


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