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Show Review: Pretty Lights Private Brooklyn Gig

I’m laughing to myself on the crowded L train hungover, unshowered, sleepless, sweating and very late to my new internship wondering how the fuck I’m going to explain 8:30pm – 3:30am last night to all of you fine people.

To try and frame Tuesday night for you, someone asked me “how I was doing?” to which I responded:

“I’m sitting on a Brooklyn rooftop, with a view of Manhattan worthy of being my screen saver, drinking free vodka, about to watch one of my favorite artists throw down on the best sound system in the Northeast… I’m doing pretty good for a weeknight, thanks”

Downstairs Eliot Lipp got things going for the 21+ crowd minus the two 20 year old girls who climbed up on a nearby fire escape (Bravo girls, 2 gold stars).

Soon enough Output was filled to capacity, which is supposed to be around 450 people, I’d say it was about 450 people +/ – 1000 …

Pretty Lights took the stage around midnight and immediately the vintage sounds of the brand new album filled the room.  Even as people processed the new material few were resistant to whipping themselves around to the glitchy funk and amazing bass we all came for.

Soon enough we were in the middle of a Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and Radiohead blend that had everyone in the building moving together like an amoeba.

Immediately following, Derek cut the music to do something I’d never seen in my life.  In his hand was a jump drive with 3 unreleased tracks.   He told us it was up to us to make it happen and threw it into the crowd.  I’m interested to hear about what the jump drive’s new owner decides to do.

**I have a lot to say about that as a marketing person but, I’d love to hear your thoughts first.

Soon enough the speakers started pouring out classics from Marley/Biggie remixes to “Finally moving” and “I know the truth”.

The place was, how do you say… Turnt?

Things wrapped up around 3 and the sea of happy customers began to filter out.

Anyway, if you can’t catch a hint, GO SEE THIS SHOW.  Pretty Lights has spoken about how much time & effort this album took and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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