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STS9 do the Shakedown at the Capitol Theatre [Setlist, Video]

taken from @sts9 on Instagram

At their Capitol Theatre debut, STS9 did what they do best: mixing acid-jazz and electronica to create a unique sound that ignites a party in the two-set format. They wasted no time diving into electronic material at the Cap, beginning the show with “When the Dust Settles Reprise” before a medley of “Peoples” parts 1 and 2 and then “4 Year Puma”. Their polarizing remix of Lorde’s “Green Light” ensued, but they wrapped up really strong with “Rent”, “Be Pulse”, and “EHM”.

The chemistry between the five members appeared to be as strong as possible. Soundtribe is generally a band that relies on group dynamic as opposed to many bands that rely on one or two shredders to take the show to new heights. Their team sport mindset creates something more dynamic than their peers offer, and as the five of them commanded the beautiful Port Chester theatre – which had projections on the ceiling of its 1920s infrastructure – it truly felt like a spaceship in there.

Set two started with an upright bass solo by newest member Alana Rocklin, who continues to flourish in the STS9 songbook. “Water Song” took advantage of ceilings projections and made the attendees feel as if they were in an aquarium. “Kaya” and “Scheme” were definite highlights, although Soundtribe were saving their biggest trick for last.

After diving into the recently-released throwback track “Real & Imagined” for the encore, Soundtribe sped things up as they segued into “Shakedown Street”. The Capitol Theatre is very much Deadtown, USA, and everyone in attendance was feeling the choice cover to end things out. It was tasteful, and a load of fun, as STS9 tipped their space helmet to the forefathers of the jam scene.

SetlistSet One: When The Dust Settles Reprise, Peoples > Peoples pt. II > 4 Year Puma, Lorde – Green Light (STS9 REMIX), Rent, Be Pulse, EHMSet Two: Alana upright solo > Water Song > Kaya, The Rabble, Give and Take > Instantly, Scheme, Awesome > Unquestionable Supremacy of NatureEncore: Real & Imagined > Shakedown Street


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