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SUNFEST 2018 PREVIEW: Photos, Playlist, & More

There is a reason we’ve been attending SunFest for 5 years straight, and many years before that. They throw a good party and bring good music! It’s a pretty simple formula and SunFest does it really well. Throw in the waterfront views and a diverse lineup that pleases everyone in the family and you’ve got a formula for success. Year after year this festival manages to bill artists that make us say “Wow, I’ve never seen them, I have to go”.

This year they condensed the amount of days so you won’t need to miss as much work and still packed in just as much music. SunFest will be held Thursday (May 3rd) – Sunday (May 6th). You won’t get many opportunities to see artist like Billy Idol, Ice Cube, Incubus, and 311 all in the same weekend. They really provide a wide range of entertainment for everyone. You could also just party on the floating dock all weekend and have a blast.

Here are some photos that show off the fun we had last year along with a playlist of songs we hope to hear this year. Enjoy and see you at SunFest 2018! Tickets HERE


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