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Two Fresh and NiT GriT announced their new tour in 2012, The “No Antidote Tour”! They kick off the tour in Minneapolis, MN on February 15th following up with 39 more shows before wrapping things up in Victoria, BC on April 1st. This tour coincides with the release of Two Fresh’s new EP “Parallel” available early next year but hear it first live with one of the best drummers on the electronic scene Colby Buckler. These are two of the best acts on the electronic scene so make sure not to miss it! Two Fresh also just finished up touring with Grammy nominee Skrillex so you know they have skills! Elm and Oak put together a good one for you guys here so don’t sleep on it!

Check out the Elm and Oak page for more info:

Check out the new tracks from Nit Grit and Two Fresh: [soundcloud url=”″] [soundcloud url=””]


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