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VMA Performances: Everything From Minimalist Kanye To Sexual Miley

What went down

Will Smiths Reaction

Here we go. Your internet will be blowing up with news about this stuff all day so go ahead and watch the performances now so you know what everyone is talking about. My biggest beef is that Daft Punk got pulled out from under Colbert to do the VMAs and didn’t even perform. What the hell is that? As far as other performances on the night; mainly just watch the one with Miley Cyrus cause she gets pretty much naked and molests Robin Thicke on stage. She also has a shaved head pretty much too. Kendrick kills it like always too. Making a music video with Boregore really did wonders for her. Check the video performances from last night below.


MILEY CIRUS (Who loves to feel herself in public now), ROBIN THICKE, 2 CHAINZ, & KENDRICK LAMAR

KANYE “Blood On The Leaves”




Bruno Mars and Katy Perry performed too so if you really love them you can look up the vids.


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