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WayHome Music & Arts Festival 2017

The first day was hosted by Flume & Justice as electronic headliners in which both had the crowd on a new level of excitement. As well as Cage the Elephant put on an unbelievable rock element to the show. Flume played banger after banger displaying top notch visuals that had the crowd in awe, Justice displayed an absolutely mind blowing light show featuring an amazing technical drop light display and Cage the Elephant brought a true rock show to the WayHome stage running and jumping all over the stage and even at one point, jumping off the stage and joining the crowd…Twice! One of the most memorable moments of our Wayhome experience was when the lead singer of Cage the Elephant quoted during their set, “There is only one race, the human race.” – Matt Shultz

Day three, the final day of the WayHome 2017 experience featuring two legendary headliners, Frank Ocean and Porter Robinson. The two distinctly unique and different sounds made for an absolutely outstanding close to the event. With Robinson first playing a mix of what he likes to call “complextro”, electro house and synth/dream pop giving the crowd one final surge of energy. Ocean ended the show with a pure artistic set featuring his live band up close and personal, a disco ball and even brought his own walkout stage in the center of the crowd. He had cameramen following his every move, filming live recordings of his vulnerability on full display to be projected on the big screen for the festival attendees way in the back from the stage to enjoy. The tone of his performance was very deep, slow at moments and felt like as if he were in a home recording studio (not to mention he re-started a few songs a couple times due to not rehearsing before the show), but that is the artist that he was born to be. Ocean’s final set was a beautiful way to wrap up 3 busy days of amazing performances, food vendors, camping perks and meeting new happy faces.

While the 3 days featured a vast variety of talented artists to mention (we’ll throw in Banks and Houndmouth as well for good measure) the weekend also featured a spectacular array of accommodations from a fleet of food trucks with everything from Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese, Chicken on a Stick, Deep Fried Onion heaven, Smoothies and unique All Natural Coffee Shops. Whether you were in search of an aesthetic flower headpiece to match your outfit or some super comfy harem pants to complete it, WayHome had what you were looking for. Apart from just fashion, WayHome also had so many activities all over the event grounds/camping grounds. From going to the campsite to join another group of strangers in a friendly game of keep up or having a party on top of a truck, to enjoying a sunset view of the festival from the Coors Lights hot air balloon to relaxing in hammock city after it all, WayHome provided anything and everything you could possibly think of. It was an extremely organized festival, great staff working all over the grounds and even greater people attending the festival. Until next year Wayhomies!

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