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Who Is DubEra?

Robert -- Founder / Web / Time Lapse/ FPV

Maxx -- Co- Founder/ Video Editor/ Time Lapse

Chris T. -- Press Editor / Producer

Yuliia -- Cinematographer / Editor / Luxury Video Contact

Chris R. -- Cinematographer /  Event Media Contact

Vivi -- Photographer 








What we do?


We create unique content for any occasion. Want professional photos of your dog's birthday party? Need a video showing how your restaurant is adapting to COVID-19? Want to make your brands social media pages look extremely high quality? We can do it all.

We have 10+ years of experience in concert and event coverage and 20+ years with cameras. We are able to adapt to any situation and meet your needs. You let us know what you want, and we will make it look good.


Miami Services:

Miami Photography

Miami Drone Video

Miami Drone Photography

Miami Time Lapse

Miami Video Production

Miami Real Estate Video

Miami Music Videos





What does DubEra mean?

Jamaican "dub" was the product of remixing reggae music for massive, bass-heavy sound-systems. Each sound-system would try to outdo the next by creating the heaviest "riddims" and setting up a bunch of speakers in a Jamaica village for a big rave.
We do the same thing now, where music-lovers unite each night around a massive sound-system to embrace the human experience of connecting via music and dance.
We are still in the DubEra.

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