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Brooklyn Comes Alive announces 2018 schedule

Brooklyn Comes Alive has announced their 2018 schedule, and it’s shaped up to be quite the day to bop around Williamsburg. With 16 different sets that boast never-before-seen all-star configurations, the day starts early 3:30pm at Rough Trade with ‘Wokes With Jokes’, a stand-up comedy set about the jam scene that features Sirius XM’s Brett Siddell. From there, the music starts with Katharsis, Shira Elias’ Soul Tracks, and Karina Rykamn Experiment (with Dave Harrington & Robert Walter), and it doesn’t stop until about 12 hours later.

In between that time are many of tributes and supergroups that we’re looking forward to. Without regenerating the schedule to text format, we’ll say that the Cory Henry / Nikki Glaspie / Skerik / Metzger / Mononeon configuration seems a bit too good to miss, although an all-star Steely Dan tribute could give it a run for its money! Switch Hitters also looks pretty damn fun, along with the first-ever on-land edition of Jam Cruise’s Jam Room!

Tickets are going quickly, but you can still grab them by heading here! We’ll see ya there!


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