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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

We recently took a trip out to Yosemite National Park to explore nature, see the milky way, and chase down the NEOWISE Comet. Supposedly the next time we will see a comet like this is around 6,000 years from now. Luckily we planned the trip around the moon being in its smallest phase so we could see the stars really well. This national park is really something special and feels like there could be dinosaurs roaming around. It's so massive. We managed to see a few Bears but no Dinosaurs. The park was only at 50% capacity which was nice because the wildlife was more relaxed about roaming around the park. Here is a small collection of photos from the trip:

Photo Descriptions:

  1. El Capitan (The one from the Apple screensaver)

  2. NEOWISE Comet at Glacier Point, with some help from a hiker with a headlamp

  3. Milky Way over a cool tree

  4. Rob standing on a sketchy cliff taking photos

  5. Waterfall on the Misty Trail (yes it was very misty)

  6. Squaded up in Yosemite Valley

  7. Milky Way from the Valley

  8. Milky Way over a cool "astronomy tower"

  9. My feet at the top of Sentinel Dome

  10. Beautiful colors down in Yosemite Valley


Sakshi Ahuja
Sakshi Ahuja

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