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EVENT REVIEW: Cajmere Treats Brooklyn To Some Old-School Steelo


About 15 minutes after arriving to Verboten this blonde chick put her arm around me, posing the question, “Hey there! How can I have as much fun as you’re having?” Presumably looking for ecstasy.

But I wasn’t on any drugs…just a little herb smoke and some red wine. I took a sip, thinking of how to answer. Finally I said, “I guess you just have to really like music?”

What I should have said was, “How could you not?” But this revelation didn’t come until after Cajmere had taken over the decks, taking me on an excursion that was as much a history lesson as it was fun.

Cajmere kept it simple at first, with a selection of originals and old, smoothed-down house gems. “Percolator” made an early appearance and took the crowd up a few dozen notches with its irresistible and noticeable sample.

Since 1991 this guy, whose real name is Curtis Jones, has been rocking crowds like this. He wears those trippy goggles as pictured above and grins when he drops a joint like Michael Jackson’s “Show You The Way To Go” by The Jacksons. He’s been around the block a few times and it shows in his DJ sets, much like anyone who’s been in the game for a couple decades; they’re just a little bit better.

This event was a residency launch for the 47 year-old Cajmere. We simply can’t wait to see what he has in store next time.


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