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Global Citizen Festival Taps Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Beyonce +more for Free NYC Festival


Global Citizen Festival is back with a big lineup and an even bigger purpose. With a goal to end extreme poverty by the year 2030, the festival is a free ticketed event that aims to raise awareness of global poverty via social media, charity events, and more.

We live in a plentiful nation, but not all are so lucky. Global Citizen is an event meant to get into that worldly mindset: we’re all human beings on this great big town called Planet Earth. If we can unite and mobilize, we can have a great impact. You’ll find more information, including how to win tickets, here.

In terms of the festival, Pearl Jam and Coldplay are two bands I’m very much excited to see. Both a couple of my all-time favorites, I’ve only been able to see PJ once and Coldplay never. Both of those artists, alongside pop icons Ed Sheeran and Beyonce, on the Central Park Great Lawn, for a great cause, is yet another example of what makes this city so great.


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