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Hair Club Releases Debut Album, ‘Hair Club Tries Love’ [STREAM]

Hair Club, the music project from NYC-based John Russell, has released its debut full-length album, Hair Club Tries Love. Through twelve songs of rich, indie-electronic soundscapes, the singer-songwriter explores the romantic affect on his psyche, soundtracked to melodic and blissful music, even if it’s devastating at times.

The sound created on Hair Club Tries Love is truly unique, even in an over-saturated world of electronica-tinged productions and Bandcamp pages. The record has head-bopping beats, gut-wrenching soul, and melody that will make the hairs on your arms stick up. This is music for the worst of times, but also for flipping the switch on them and journeying back upwards. It is heartbreak and the healing process, tidied up in a brilliant, concise, <30-minute statement.

Listen and purchase links:

Bandcamp – Spotify – iTunes – Amazon

Social links:

Hair Club on Facebook

Hair Club on Instagram


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