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The resilient Bob Weir brings the Campfire Tour to Brooklyn [Setlist, Videos, Audio, Review]


“Just manage your expectations, and it’ll be great.”

These are the words my dad, who saw a hefty handful of Dead shows back in the day, said to me when I told him I’d be going to see Bob Weir last night.

It’s understandable how the guy might not expect too much out of Bobby in 2016. After all, this is the same dude who couldn’t stand on his own two feet at the Capitol Theatre just a few years ago. But with managed expectations, the Campfire Tour’s first New York City-area stop was a great success. For starters, Bobby was great, healthy, and happy. At 68 years old, the man still has what it takes to deliver two captivating sets of music to a huge crowd. It was a real treat to see him as good as he can possibly be.

The first set was heavy on new tunes from his latest release Blue Mountain, while the second took a trip down memory lane with classics like “Brown Eyed Women,” “Cassidy,” “Standing on the Moon,” and “Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad.” The night ended with a “Friend of the Devil” encore, as rows of wide-eyed, smiling Deadheads departed from the gorgeous Kings Theatre. An evening with Bob Weir is a special evening. For some it’s a chance to relive some of the best times of their lives. For others, it’s a glimpse into one of America’s greatest musical contributions: the Grateful Dead catalogue.

Check out full audio, selected videos, and the setlist below.


Set 1

Easy to Slip Loose Lucy Blue Mountain Lay My Lily Down Darkest Hour Only a River Ghost Towns Gonesville Big River

Set 2

On the Road Again Rosa Lee McFall Brown-Eyed Women Cassidy Standing on the Moon Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad


Ki-Yi Bossie Friend of the Devil


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