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2012 Sasquatch Festival!


With headliners like Pretty Lights, Jack White, The Roots, Tenacious D, Girl Talk, and Beck this is probably my favorite lineup of the summer! So many amazing bands and such a fantastic blend of music to enjoy! If you can make it out to Washington then this is probably an event that will provide magical memories. Every video I have ever watched from Sasquatch have only made me smile and want to attend.

Check out the full lineup here: SASQUATCH 2012 LINEUP

The fest is held at a unique location known as Gorge Amphitheatre described on the festival website as such: “The Gorge Amphitheatre is an outdoor venue near the Columbia River located at 754 Silica Rd, George, Washington. It is a nine time winner of Pollstar Magazine’s award for Best Outdoor Music Venue and is nominated once again in 2011. The Gorge has played host to the Sasquatch! Music Festival for the past ten years.”

Sounds great to me! If you still not convinced just watch this fan video from 2009. After watching this you can only imagine how great the atmosphere is! [youtube=]


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