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3 Reasons Why You Need To See Bonobo In Concert

bonobo grand central

bonobo grand central

2. MUSIC CHOICE New music, well known music, and unknown music all found its way into the Bonobo set at Grand Central. Primarily the unknown. I literally only knew about three songs that Bonobo played. Cirrus being one of those songs. He played a new song that is coming out on a new EP very soon. He also played a song that he’s never played out live before or played to anyone for that matter. His ears were the only ones who have heard it according to him. It always creates a more intimate experience when an artist plays you something new or unheard. As for the rest of the set, I’m not really sure what was played. I would love to see a tracklist honestly. The show was in Miami on a Saturday night and the music matched the setting very well. A lot more upbeat house influenced music than I’m used to from Simon. Even his brand new song had some house influenced drums and bass. I managed to grab a video of his new song which will be included on the upcoming EP (bottom of page).

3. ATMOSPHERE/CROWD Many crowds at concerts can be hit or miss in the vibe department. The Bonobo crowd is usually a hit. Nobody wants to attend a Bonobo show to shove people around and fight for position. Everyone seems to be there to enjoy some ambient melodic tunes on a great sound system and dance around a little bit. Even in Miami where you tend to find some uptight folks, the Bonobo crowd was chill and full of music lovers having a good time. Check out the vibes for yourself in the video I snagged below

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The tour is still in progress so make sure you catch one of the stops if you can!

bonobo tour

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