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5 Reasons Lettuce Is Your Favorite Funk Band

Lettuce is one of those bands you can’t really grasp fully until you see them live. They are wizards of the funk whose energetic live performance is unmatched by most bands. Every time I see them live I feel like I just took a trip to space and back.

Lettuce is currently finishing up their “A Funk Odyssey” tour. If you missed it, you messed up. They have a couple dates left this month, they have a headlining Red Rocks show this summer, and will be playing lots of festivals this season. Here are 5 reasons to see Lettuce live next time you get the opportunity:

1. FRIENDS HAVING FUN Ever wanted to start a band with all your friends and tour around the country and make music for a living? Well Lettuce did that. Lettuce is compiled of a group of friends that love having fun and playing music together. Making all of your friends communicate on stage and perform as one unit is not an easy task. The band is compiled of the following members, each with their own unique personality that stands out on stage: Adam (Shmeeans) Smirnoff GUITAR Adam Deitch DRUMS Erick (Jesus) Coomes BASS Ryan Zoidis ALTO, TENOR and BARI SAX Eric Krasno GUITAR Neal Evans ORGAN/KEYS Eric Bloom TRUMPET

2. NICKNAMES If your band members have acquired nicknames that fans know, love, and yell at every show then you must be doing something right. Jesus playing bass…. who doesn’t want to see that? I’m not even sure what “Shmeeans” means or how it got started but I know every time he walks on stage there is a Lettuce fan yelling “Shmeeeeeeeaaaaaans” at the top of their lungs. Earning nicknames is difficult…good nicknames at least. Lettuce has earned and maintained good nicknames and it increases the Lettuce live experience for sure.

3. SIDE PROJECTS WITH PRETTY LIGHTS AND MORE The best way to get better at making music is to explore different types of music. Every musician in the band has side projects or sits in with other bands occasionally to keep their skills sharpened. The drummer, Adam Deitch, is also half of Break Science and one third of the group Drkwav. He also was the original drummer for Pretty Lights before he started doing his solo thing. Krasno and Evans are both in another band you might have heard called Soulive. They play some kick ass funk too. Almost the entire band tours with Pretty Lights when he is doing the full live band shows, so whenever you are watching Pretty Lights live, remember you are also watching Lettuce.


Any hip-hop head will tell you that J Dilla is a legendary producer, but not many funk bands turn their rap influence it into one of the most exciting songs you will hear all night. “Mr. Yancey” is probably my favorite Lettuce song and such a great tribute to Dilla. Every time I hear them play the song live it sounds a little different too. It’s amazing.

5. THEY LOVE THE FANS The band has given away free tickets to almost every show on their current tour. Their Facebook is loaded with things to keep their fans happy. Every time I’ve spoken to one of the band members in person they always make time to converse and never brush you off. They gave away their entire discography for a full 24 hrs a couple months back too. That’s love for the fans! We did a really fun interview with them and some other musicians at Buku festival a couple years ago and they made us feel like part of the crew.


We got to see the first stop on the recent “Funk Odyssey” tour and it was amazing. Here is the entire set curtesy of CheeseHeadProductions

For more Lettuce music check out their soundcloud page.


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