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5 Reasons Wanee Rocks + Video Preview of Wanee 2013


Vendors: The Spirit of Suwannee music park always attracts a good handful of friendly vendors who are eager to share their grub, and sometimes a mind blowing story, with any attendee. Wanee packs the variety; the vendors line up like soldiers to provide a buffet of festy food. My personal favorite from last year was the “Pelican Bros.” chicken and waffle truck. Two triangular belgian waffles with a juicy piece of breaded fried chicken in the center covered in gravy and finished withtwo slices of bacon. Needless to say you will be able to find whatever your munchies desire.


The Mushroom Stage: Also known as the Amphitheater stage or that wild stage with the crazy trees. The “Mushroom Stage”, as it is dubbed during Wanee, is embedded amongst a plethora of live oak trees and firm soil terrain that forms a naturally sloping amphitheater. The lights and lasers look really wild when slicing through the tree branches.


Hammock life: As many seasoned campers can tell you, there is nothing quite like listening to live music in a hammock. Pretty much everything is better in a hammock, honestly. ENO hammocks always come out with a wide selection of hammocks to purchase on the spot so you can go snag one after you become jealous of your friend with their feet kicked up by the Mushroom Stage day 2. Or You could just hop in the hammock with them too!


The Traveling Stage: The veteran Suwannee favorite Zach Deputy serenaded the entire campgrounds with his elegant voice and funky tunes last year on this stage. A stage on wheels is quite the party and just the extra boost your lazy friends might need to venture out of the campsite. I followed it around for a solid hour at least last year before I wandered off to check out new bands. I look forward to another afternoon following the Traveling Stage.


Last but not least…

Allman Brothers Band! I don’t have to say much for this one. The Allman Brothers love a good time and so do we. Every year they come back and host a 20,000+ person party for us. Plus they play 2 nights in a row. Last year they played an “All Along the Watchtower” cover which was a huge highlight for me. Can’t wait to see what they bring this year. Oh yea…… and Widespread Panic is back!! PARTTAAYYYY!

BONUS: Wanee 2013 Preview Video


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