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5 Ways To Pimp Your Campsite This Festival Season

Festival season is kicking and it’s been pretty messy out there so far. Rain has been a trend that seems like it’s here to stay. Rain or shine, get yourself prepped properly for a festival escapade or even just a weekend trip with the homies. Below are 5 ways that are DubEra certified for pimping out your campsite.


1. Make your sleeping bag a stylish accessory. That way when you get partied out you can just fall into your tent…. or pretty much anywhere that looks good. You have a sleeping back on. You can snag one of these multipurpose ghetto gowns from Polar. Check their website out for more: Polar Napsack


2. Make your tent a colorful wonderland and say goodbye to stumps and twigs in your back. This idea I found on a little campy and I’m gonna have to use it in my tent next festival. Take some of those little foam puzzle pieces from your kindergarden class or daycare center back in the day and puzzle away in your tent. Throw a tarp or a couple layers of plastic under those bad boys so they stay dry and BOOM! You have the ultimate bachelor pad among your camping crew.

Overstock has them for sale HERE. They also have the cool alphabet ones.

3. Step up your tapestry game. It’s a pretty crucial element. Camping veterans can vouch for that. They look cool. They block the sun. You can find your campsite when your stumbling around hammered in the night. If you’re really creative they you can also make your own and REP YO SET! If your looking for somewhere to start this TrippyStore website is a pretty good place.


4. Have tunes on hand at all times. Get some Jams for your tent and campfire circles. Don’t get it wrong, we love a good drum circle just as much as the next festival goer but speakers can be clutch. You know there have been times in your hammock, or in your tent, or sitting around a silent fire with friends after having your faces blasted by large amps and subs all day that you wished you had some soothing background jams to transition into sleep mode. JawBone has provided a tuff set of speakers that I would consider a pretty good investment if you love to have high quality music on deck. Check the JAMBOX here.


5. A clean body. Whether you have to ghetto rig a gallon jug with a hole and cork or you can afford to steeze it up, a shower is used by everyone if it’s there. Then you and your friends don’t smell like a pack of wild horses running through the crowd. Camping Shower World has a plentiful section of shower options. You can snag a bag that hangs up with a hose or a full on tent style shower with towel rack. A little soap and water can go a long way.


Have fun out there everyone! Pick up your trash!

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