AURA Weather Forecast and Tips to Survive!

Have you checked out the weather forecast for AURA this weekend yet? It’s going to get COLD!

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 7.57.29 PM

To beat the cold, we’ve put together a short list of 5 Tips to keep you warm!

1. Find a Cuddle Buddy! It’s not only going to be cold enough for Cuddle Puddles, but it is also Valentine’s Day Weekend! What better excuse to cozy up to someone new or someone you love in the Suwannee!

2. Drink Warming Alcohol! Any Alcoholic beverage with an ABV% (Alcohol By Volume) over 7% will give you that warming effect. Most high alcohol percentage beers will have this effect as well as Suwannee Classics such as WHISKEY! (Can’t forget the Whiskey) Check out our recipe for a great warm drink to share with friends around the campfire!

Hot and Heavy Cider Recipe: 2 Shots of Honey Whiskey Apple Cider Cinnamon Stick Lemon Wedge (Optional) 1. Heat up Apple Cider on the fire or on a camping stove 2. Fill a mug with 2 shots of Honey Whiskey 3. Pour the Hot Apple Cider on top of the whiskey, Stir with a Cinnamon Stick, and add a lemon wedge 4. Enjoy!

3. Speaking of which… campfire! Want to know a secret about fires? They warm your body! Many great times have been shared around a campfire so don’t forget your firewood.

4. Buy Handwarmers! Stick them in your boots and in your pockets to warm up your hands from the cold! These come in handy more than you know and you can get them easily at Walmart.

5. DANCE! It might be cold, but the second you start dancing and melting into the music, you’ll forget about the temperature. Make sure to wear layers for the walk back to your campsite but inside of the crowd you should be warmed up by all of the vibes around you!

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