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Cityfox Throws a Warehouse Party: Maceo Plex @ 3AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.11.16 PM

Over the weekend my dear friend Kate and I had the amazing opportunity to check out our first Cityfox party.

Cityfox is a Swiss record label that describes its product as; “Always danceable, psychedelic and fresh electronic rhythms somewhere between techno & house.”   I’d be hard pressed to describe my taste more accurately.

The location was eventually announced. The random warehouse 15 minutes from the Jefferson L train quickly turned into one of the busiest blocks in the 5 boroughs.  The KV2 sound system welcomed us way before getting into the building and the fantastic 3D visual art by Projectkil (CHECK THEM OUT) helped keep us entertained while in line.

We showed up around 2a before Maceo Plex took the decks for a 3a-5a set.  The warehouse was CAVERNOUS.

Things got dark, quick — THANKFULLY.

Everyone was focused, everyone was moooovving.  The crowd, the sound, the visuals, the music- all three bounced back and forth between crisp and gritty.  It was everything you like about sensory overload, without being overloaded.

While I couldn’t make it to David August’s 6:30am set I spent some time listening beforehand and became quite a fan.  Some truly beautiful stuff:

Please check out Cityfox.  If you’re a good person and in NYC for Halloween, it’d be foolish to not consider their party.

Thanks for having us! Julian


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