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Cobrayama & RECESS release ‘Channel Drift’, a new 4-song EP filled with disco, funk


New York City beat-maker Cobrayama has teamed up with the livetronica duo RECESS to release a four-song EP that melts instrumental hip-hop with disco-funk and neo-soul. It’s a varied batch of tracks that utilizes the strengths from each party to create something unlike anything out there.

“Layup” continuously keeps you guessing by switching the tempos up between a four on the floor and a half-time trap style, while marrying the styles with a funky synth and noodling guitar. “Detroit” builds on that momentum, but takes it up a notch.

“Kites” utilizes some Dilla steeze, with a slightly jittery boom-bap drum pattern and some soul samples. The guitar work from RECESS differentiates this from the rest of the west coast beat scene output, while maintaining a familiarity for fans of, say, Madlib and Samiyam. Finally, on “The Clock”, the trio find their finest groove yet in something that builds slowly into a full-blown assault of dance beats, squeeling guitars and car-chase synth keys.

Listen below, or download on Bandcamp.


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