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Concert Review: Cypress Hill, Orlando FL

Cypress Hill performed at the Plaza Live in Orlando last night (November 14th, 2012) and it was a doozy!

The first time I saw Cypress Hill I was a little surprised, and impressed, on how much smoke lifted into the air during the show, considering Florida is not the most lenient state when dealing with chiefing down in public areas. This show was no different! The setlist for the show was really strong. Cypress threw loads of their classic hip hop jams at us along with some new and old heavy hitting tunes in order to take us on a captivating ride B-Real called, “The Cypress Hill Experience.”

Upon entering the side room where the intimate stage was, you are instantly blasted with the stank smell of Cypress fans sparking up left and right. Here is my rendition of the setlist from the show. (There is a song or two missing I think, but you will get a good feel of the evening from the description.)


-Starting out in classic gangster fashion they came out swinging with “When the Shit Goes Down.”

-Following that they went straight into “How I Could Just Kill a Man” with a dope DJ scratch break in the middle of the song which led into dropping the Rage Against the Machine version over the Cypress version for a rowdy second half of the song!

-Real Estate

-Latin Thug

-Latin Lingo

-Tequila Sunrise

-At this point B-Real took a second to express to the crowd that “this is the reconnection and we will be back soon with some new shit!”

-After the short break they came in hot with “Insane in the Membrane”

-Roll it up, Light it up, Smoke it up

-I Wanna Get High (a large cloud arose during this track)

-Dr. Green Thumb

-Hits From the Bong

-The front men took a quick break to hit the bong allowing time for a heavy DJ scratch session and drum/bongo solo session to go down. B-Real then came out to do a tag team scratch performance on the tables. Highly impressive!

-Throw Your Set In the Air

-Cock the Hammer

-Next the group did a really interesting mashup of the Snoop Dogg song “Vato,” which involved a verse from B-Real and the regular chorus

-Lick a Shot


-”We Ain’t Goin Out Like That” ended out the set fittingly before coming out for a slamming encore


-Cypress came out repping their Rusko collabs really strong for the beginning of the encore. They got the crowd really hyphy with “Lez Go” and “Roll It, Light It.” The dubstep influenced tunes even sparked a rowdy mosh pit right in the center of the crowd

-”Rise Up” was next on the list which is a heavy rock and roll RATM style track that the guys produced with Tom Morello from Rage so it only makes sense.

-Sen Dog kept everyone crankin with a verse from the song “Bring The Noise” by Public Enemy & Anthrax

-Right when the crowd thought it was over…they jammed “Rock Superstar” to go out with a huge bang!

DJ collab scratch session


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