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Concert Review: Nightmares On Wax in Miami


Nightmares On Wax performed the only Florida show on their current tour last week at Grand Central in Miami. They’ve been touring the country celebrating 25 years of making music. They told a couple stories of their history including how they got started by personally selling 2000 copies in 2 weeks by driving around to record stores because nobody would sign them. It’s cool to hear stories about struggle and overcoming obstacles from successful acts such as Nightmares. I think many people may have entered the venue unknowing of exactly what the “live” show entailed for Nightmares On Wax. I think many fans expected somewhat of a DJ set with just the songs being played out live with a drummer. Instead there was singing, rapping, live drumming, live pads triggering samples, and even whistling. The reaction I got from most of the crowd was that the show was much different than they had expected. There was a much stronger hip hop vibe and much less of a downtempo DJ vibe. It was a unique experience for all. Fans seemed very happy all around. One of my personal favorite moments was the amazingly precise live whistling when they played “Flip Ya Lid”.

They played many of my favorite songs including “You Wish”, “I Am You”, and “African Pirates”. All the songs were performed with great sounding vocals and a hazy cloud above the crowd. Below is a few photos that will give you a feeling of the evening.


All in all a great evening! Glad they decided to make Miami their only Florida stop.nFor the full photo album CLICK HERE.


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