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Concert Review: Umphrey’s McGee Finally Hits Orlando

Umphrey’s hit Otown for the first time Friday night at The Plaza Live and they hit it hard! One of the hardest rocking sets I’ve ever heard from the guys. Break Science opened up the night getting everyone hyped up with a mysterious dimly lit stage and funky bass lines penetrating the crowd. An ATLiens remix and new song with Redman were some of the highlights of the Break Science sound system.

Shortly after the Break Science warm up Umphrey’s took the stage. It is hard to compare Break Science sets and warm ups usually but the performance Umphrey’s delivered was so massive with lights and guitar shredding that it made is seem like exactly that. The 6 piece band appeared to be loving the Otown vibes. They announced during the show; “this is the biggest show we have ever played in Orlando……..I think its the first show we’ve ever played in Orlando!” followed by a huge bellowing cheer from the 1300+ person crowd.

Two sets, Pink Floyd cover, massive encore with the crowd chanting “we want the Umph!”, and enough light variations to keep you blown away for the entire 2 plus hours of music are just the broad highlights of the show. You gotta see them for yourself to get the full effect. Umphrey’s hit up Jacksonville, Orlando, and St. Pete (Tampa) on their Florida run and from what they showed in Orlando I would imagine the entire run was a complete success. Can’t wait for them to come back around to Otown!


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