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DeLuna Fest: Day 3 on the sunny beach of Pensacola, Fl

Day 3 was a day filled with load of new music, great times in the sun and the NFL. Superchunk and  Bob Mould held down a nice 90s alternative / grunge type sound. Bonerama was a funk band I’ve never heard of and they played a “War Pigs” cover which was incredible. Fitz & the Tantrums has an awesome soul / indie sound that really got everyone pumped up for Florence + the Machine.

If you weren’t in to the music, or perhaps just a super fan of the NFL, DeLuna had an entire tent dedicated to the pig skin on both Saturday and Sunday. The tent housed plenty of fans all weekend and gave them a chance to get out of the hot sun and enjoy some sport. The everlasting line for alcohol is a huge indication that this tent was a goldmine.

Which leads me to my next topic. Florence Welch and her band are by far the most impressive band of the entire festival. I’ve seen hundreds of bands and they were possibly the most mesmerizing of them all. Florence’s stage presence is second to none. She is completely captivating, eccentric and charismatic.

The band is comprised of Florence, a 3-person choir for harmonic and melodic purposes, a harpist, guitars, grand pianos and thick bass. By not skimping on any members, they provided the fullest sound of any band there. The lush indie rock ballads would transform in to energetic beats and back to simplicity, even a cappella at times. Florence had complete command of the crowd and the only thing worth complaining about was that it only lasted an hour.

Zac Brown Band closed the festival out with their brand of country-rock. They played some bluegrass and funky sounds for the mostly older crowd. The group appeared to be having just as much fun as anyone in attendence as they all danced around the stage and showcased their musicianship.


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