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Dirtybird BBQ NY Announces Pork Sliders, Shrimp Skewers, Dirtybird Wings + more

dirtybird bbq

Now this is a lineup announcement I can really get behind…

Verboten is excited to announce the location for our big DIRTYBIRD BBQ will be right down the street from the club at 50 Kent Ave [at N11th St]. We’ve lined up a cool surprise guest, a massive D3 sound system and lots of great BBQ, including whole roast pic, dirtybird wings, burgers, veggie burgers, pulled pork cuban sandwiches, shrimp skewers and more! We kick off the festivities an hour early at 3pm to better fit in all this amazing food and music. Arrive early for free pulled pork sliders, and stick around after for a carry-on at Verboten.

Tickets on sale now right here. I can’t wait to see who the special guest is!


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