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DJ EZ Might Be The Best DJ I’ve Ever Seen


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It’s true. DJ EZ might just be the greatest DJ I’ve ever seen in my life. Energy, versatility, a seemingly bottomless knowledge of old & new tunes, technical DJ skills and that thing called FUN combine for a truly memorable DJ set.

Trouble & Bass hosted the night, and did a nice job at it. Nevermind, a new DJ duo on the label, warmed things up with some wonky UK bass and some original dubstep, paving the way for EZ’s set.

For starters, EZ is a UK garage legend. The dude started out when he was 15 years old on a pirate radio, before building his own pirate radio station 5 years later. Twenty years after that, the dude is in front of me, blowing my puny brain to pieces with his blend of garage intertwined with tasteful, vintage dubstep, disco and house music.

Selections such as Chase & Status’ “Eastern Jam,” a little Shabba Ranks “Shabba” remix and Chic’s “Le Freak” kept the American in me happy. He was making the very British-heavy audience stoked with just about every jam he played, presumably garage classics that never resonated with the 12 year old me who was listening to Korn when they came out.

The last trick in DJ EZ’s hat was a phenomenal one. He looped a vocal that repeated something along the lines of “bring me back to the old-school” that went for a few minutes before launching in to a killer remix of Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You.” If anyone has an ID on that, definitely let a brotha know!

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