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DubCulture: The Hundreds X Grateful Dead Collab

If you know me personally, you know I dig the f— outta The Hundreds. From their musical tastes (they shot Flume’s latest show in LA) to their cultural nods (Disney / Garfield / Back From The Future collabs? Ill) they are on point! However, I don’t know if the point has ever been this sharp.

Bobby Hundreds, a co-founder of the company, has been teasing this Grateful Dead collaboration for a few months now. The Instagram pics make me super excited, but this is the first real taste of the collaboration. The flags feature a blotted tie-dye with The Hundreds X Grateful Dead hybrid logo. I can’t help but wish they would have made a huge tapestry instead, but either way this would be an epic flag to fly at a music festival (and hopefully that tapestry comes when the full collar drops).

No word of official release or sale dates yet, but I’m just praying it comes when my wallet’s lookin’ fat!



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