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EVENT PREVIEW: Chvrches @ The Fillmore Miami [Live Electronic Pop]

Chvrches is hitting The Fillmore at Miami Beach on October 5th. This Scottish electronic trio has been on a steady rise this past year. They originally formed in 2011 but their sound has finally reached a major audience. It’s nice to see intelligent electronic music being preformed and I think Chvrches has found a way to do just that. Their music is not bound to the electronic genre however. They have a heavy pop influence which is obvious when you here the female vocalist. Chvrches’ style compares with that of Purity Ring but more pop and less underground emo. From the videos I’ve seen the Chvrches live show seems to involve captivating lighting and live electronic music being performed on stage through a couple different pads and keyboards. The trio has a mysterious element to them. If you go to Chvrches’ soundcloud the majority of the music is all remixes from electronic artists (which all sound great) and podcasts from a female run british music blog. It makes me wonder if they will play out some remixes of their songs live when they hit the Fillmore next month. Their facebook doesn’t have much info about them either expect the upcoming tour dates and links to social media sites. This should be a very interesting show and I’m excited to dance around to some live electronic tunes with an amazing female vocalist at the forefront. Grab your tickets for the Miami show RIGHT HERE. Grab their newest album HERE. Check out a video and a couple songs below. See you there!


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